Bridesmaid decided to wear a T-Rex costume for Sister’s Wedding

At the point when Deanna Adams told to her bridesmaids they could wear anything they desired at her wedding, she probably didn’t expect a T-Rex to appear.

Source: Christina/Facebook

However, that is actually what happened the American bride, because of her nervy sister and maid of honor, Christina. She told Daily Mail it all started out as a joke after Deanna left the dress decisions up to her bridesmaids. Christina threw out a lot of off-the-wall thoughts, from a dinosaur to a TARDIS from Doctor Who, however, it appears the T-Rex was the winner.

Source: Christina/Facebook

In the days before to the wedding in Nebraska, US, she reminded her sister about her uncommon decision of marriage wear. Thus, the bride wore white on her big day and her maid of honor wore a giant, inflatable dinosaur costume (however she did change later)

When you're maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose…I regret nothing 🤪

Posted by Christina A. Meador on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Christina shared the wedding photos on social media, where they understandably got plenty of attention.

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Written by Shashank