Bride shares photo of her giant wedding ring and people went crazy

A bride-to-be was disgraced online for the condition of her acrylic nails after she posted an image of her hand to show what looks to be her engagement ring.

In the image, the bride, who remain unknown however is believed to be from the US, shared her new wedding ring on her left hand. But the condition of her acrylic nails sent a few people online in a frenzy when the image was first shared on both nail-shaming and ring-disgracing Facebook pages.

Source: Facebook

According to The Sun: A Facebook user who happened upon the image in a nail-shaming group decided to ‘cross post’ it to a ring-shaming page, insisting that both the woman’s jewelry and manicure deserved to be called out.

‘Cross posting [this] from That’s It, I’m Nail Shaming, because that ring is as awful as whatever the hell is happening with her nails,’ the person said – and people were very quick to comment their agreement.

But while the ring is positively eye-catching because of its enormous size, it was the lady’s nails that gotten practically the majority of the concentration from stunned commenters. One issue people had with the bride-to-be’s fingernails was that one acrylic nail was barely hanging onto her ring finger.

It gave the presence of having grown out to the point where it was practically tumbling off. This finger did not fit with the state of the other acrylic nails on the lady’s hand. Regardless of the huge wedding ring embellishing the lady’s finger, commenters could not get over the appearance of her fingernails.

Source: Facebook

One person said: ‘I’m so confused….how did that ring fingernail grow so much faster?’

The second one said: ‘I was gonna say she needs a fill, but from the looks of her other nails, i think…she may have done that??? On purpose???’

While the third one added: ‘I’m not normally speechless when I look at these kinda photos but damn…I’m 100% speechless,’

Source: The Sun

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Written by Shashank