Bride Is Left Confused When Her Black Bridesmaid Refuses To Attend The Wedding Held At Plantation

A 26-year-old woman’s response to her African-American friend’s refusal to come to her plantation-style wedding has taken the internet by surprise.

In a now-deleted Reddit post, the bride-to-be claimed that “all was well” until she told everyone about the venue to her bridal party. The venue turned out to be an “incredibly beautiful plantation,” which the bride had been eyeing ever since she was a little girl.

But not everyone was as amused by the venue as she was. Not long after her announcement, she received a message from one of her bridesmaids informing her that she would not be a part of her bridal party.

The bridesmaid, identified as “J” started the message: “I love you a lot, but I have to bow out from being a bridesmaid because I love you dearly.”

J further wrote, “I told you then that I couldn’t be a part of a wedding that happened at a plantation. I firmly believe that all plantations should be museums that highlight the atrocious injustices toward my community. We talked in great detail about exactly why I felt that way [and] you told me that your love for me outweighed your desire to have a wedding at (plantation) and I wouldn’t have to worry about it.”

She also said that taking part in the wedding could damage her career, “To be pictured and seen at a plantation wedding could cause harm to my professional reputation and, as much as I love you, I cannot make that sacrifice.”

J concluded, “I love you both and I am so happy for the two you. He is the answer to so many prayers that I prayed over you when it comes to who you’ll spend the rest of your life with.”

Confused and a bit angry on her friend’s message, the bride-to-be turned to Reddit and wrote:

“I remember us having that conversation, but I thought she was being overly sensitive and would change her mind when the actual wedding came around. And while I know her degrees are in African-American studies, I find it ridiculous that her colleagues would judge her for being in my wedding.”

“How do I convince her that she’s being ridiculous and that what happened there was a long time ago and has no bearing on my wedding?”

But her reaction did not go down well with users.

One user commented, “This isn’t a ‘white’ thing, it’s a ‘shitty friend’ thing. BFF was candid & lovingly honest WELL in advance of wedding. Bride, assured BFF. Bride did it anyway and expected BFF to ‘get over it.’ Bride has shown BFF how little her friendship means — BFF needs better friends.”

Source – Insider

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Written by Anu Bansal