Breathtaking footage shows orcas swimming with two swimmers alongside in Newzeland

It’s something that the majority of us can just ever dream of. You’re swimming in the sea, minding your own business, when suddenly a family of sleek marine mammals materializes, going along with you as you glide through the water.

That is what happened with two swimmers off the bank of New Zealand recently, as they were joined in the water by families of cavorting orcas ( Orcinus orca).

A video is going viral by the photographer Dylan Brayshaw at Hahei Beach He portrays seeing a swimmer heading towards a gathering of three orcas, which started to swim around her.

She got out of the water to collect herself, and when she returned, Brayshaw started filming. The video is absolutely breathtaking — a small family of orcas, including two juveniles, weaving around the swimmer as she pulls herself through the ocean waters.

Take a look at the video below:

Source: Youtube

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Written by Shashank