Boy Went Missing For 2 Years, Then Parents Look Behind The Dresser

The story of six-year-old Richard “Ricky” started when Shannon Wilfong and Michael Chekevdia found out they were pregnant. They were happy but their relationship was strained. After their son Ricky was born, they decided to take a divorce and share custody of him.

Things seemed to be going pretty well but soon Shannon had reneged on their custody agreement. Michael took her to the court but she never showed up. Soon after the incidence Shannon and Ricky just vanished.

It became pretty clear that Shannon had run away. Things took an ugly turn when Shannon’s mother, Diane Dobbs, accused him of bad behavior towards Ricky and plastered her yard with posters against Michael. The cops searched Diane’s house but found nothing.

Two years had passed when an anonymous tip urged the police to search for Diane’s house again. They combed through the rooms when they came upon a wooden dresser. It was pushed up against the wall.

As they moved it aside, they found a dark hole that led to a small room. Down there in that dark room, the police found Shannon hiding with Ricky. He had finally been found.

It turned out that Diane was hiding Shannon and Ricky for the last 2 years. Ricky was found in good health and was placed with family members. Ricky was simply happy to be free and outside again.

Michael has finally got full custody of Ricky and he wants to be the best dad he could be.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal