Bloggers reveals how to make fake Instagram photos

A blogger has shared how she made a phony Instagram photograph, where it would seem that she’s in a tropical area, yet in reality, she’s simply in a paddling pool with phony blossoms.

Laura J Hyatt, a blogger from London, wrote about it on her blog Heroine in Heels, where she said that she was trying to create a photo which showed she was in a tropical paradise.

However, rather than taking the photos in the ocean, or even a pool Laura purchased a youngsters’ pool, a few blooms and got somebody to take a few photos of her from above.

She then used photoshop to lighten the picture and make it more ‘Instagram’ worthy. The photo hack shows just how easy it is to fake Instagram pictures with a few easy steps – reminding us that Instagram feeds aren’t always real.’

Source: Laura J Hyatt
Source: Laura J Hyatt

She revealed her tips on her blog,:  ‘I started off by buying a pretty big paddling pool. One big enough for me to fully get into lying down.

‘However, I realized some problems with this. First, it takes ages to fill and of course, wastes a lot of water in the end. Second, if you want to fill with flowers, well you’re going to need a lot of flowers!

Source: Laura J Hyatt

But she had a warning for all those Instagram wannabe’s about using water straight from the hose: ‘Water straight out of the hose is bl**dy freezing let me tell you! So not only is it uncomfortable but actually, from a safety point of view make sure to at least make your water luke-warm.

Source: Laura J Hyatt

‘The first time I attempted this, it was so cold and I was in the water for maybe 10 minutes, and when I got out all of a sudden I got head rush and went really dizzy and nearly fainted.’

Source: Laura J Hyatt

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Written by Shashank