Baby Mimics Her Mother in The Cutest Way When She Sings “I love you”

Children learn things by observing their parents. They also make us laugh by imitating their parents in their own cute style. They learn eating habits, a way of talking and even their social behaviour just by observing their family members. While it is amusing to see them learn various things, the joy of listening to them say ‘I love you’ for the first time is inexplicable.

Dennis Neely has posted a cute video of Michelle and her daughter Gemma Kate repeating “I love you” after each other. Watching 15-month-old Gemma singing the tune along with her mother is a treat to our eyes and ears.

The 43-second video starts with Michelle and Gemma sitting on a sofa. Michelle gazes toward the camera before swinging to her 15-month-old baby. She then starts singing “I love you” in a shrill voice.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

While singing, she extends “you”, and then she eagerly turns to her daughter.

As the camera centres around Gemma, she takes a small pause before singing the tune back to her mother.

“Aya Ouuuuuu,” she sings back, extending her syllables to imitate Michelle’s sing-melody impact.

The camera moves back to Michelle, who sings the tune to the girl once again. Gemma answers more rapidly this time: “Aya Ouuuuuuu”.

Michelle and Gemma Kate continue singing “I love you” throughout the video. After they sing for the third time, Michelle kisses Gemma on her forehead before proceeding.

The video has been watched millions of times since it was uploaded on YouTube. People are not getting tired of complimenting the mother-daughter duo.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

A viewer Brit ‘n Yank has commented, “My wife told me about this and how cute it was. Sure, honey. Yes, I’m sure it was very OH MY GOD THAT’S ADORABLE!!!!”

Another viewer, Sharline Harrilal writes, “YAYA HOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I love it, it never fails to make me smile when it comes across my news feed on FB. Thanks for posting it!”

When the video hit one million views, the family chose to thank their viewers with another video. In this video, they say “Thank Youuuuuu” after repeating “I love you”.

Watch the video here: 

Source: Dennis Neely

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Written by Shashank