Baby made sign of the horns from inside the womb

A ‘rock chick’ baby showed her affection for music ‘before she even arrived’ when she made the ‘horn’ hand gesture inside the womb.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Jodie Lee and her husband Davie Langham, 32, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, were being shown pictures of little girl Isla at the 24week checks when she made the signal, which is often used by heavy metal fans. The music lovers had been playing their daughter Motown hits and classics by singer Andrea Bocelli by resting headphones on Ms. Lee’s bump throughout her pregnancy.

Ms. Lee said: ‘As soon as we saw her hand we thought it was the best thing ever. We loved it. Isla showed her love of music before she even arrived and now she’s our little rock chick. It was a video scan, so the midwife went through and showed us the whole body. For the last bit, Isla was hiding her face, so I poked my belly and said: “can you just show Mummy and Daddy that you’re okay?” As soon as I said that she put her hand up.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

She further added: It’s fantastic when you get to see your baby anyway, but Davie was overwhelmed. She’s our little miracle and we’d wanted her for so long. He went from having tears in his eyes to getting the giggles. You get excited [at the scans] anyway because you realize it’s actually a person in there, but we were even more excited to meet her after that. It still makes us smile and laugh now.’

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Written by Shashank