Awkward Moment: Man Reveals That His Grandma Mistook His S** Toys For Thermal Socks

Source - twitter

Twitter user @analKABAO, from Japan, recently took to social media platform to share a rather funny incidence when his grandma mistook his s** toys for socks and put them on where it actually got stuck.

He shared several photos and videos of his grandmother. She can be seen putting two of his flesh-lights on her feet.

Source – twitter

The 21-year-old revealed in his now viral tweets that his innocent grandmother had thought that the toys were thermal socks. So she put them on in order to warm up her feet.

The man started by saying that his innocent grandmother told him that she had borrowed a pair of socks from his room.

Source – twitter

However, he was shocked to his wits when he went to her bedroom and saw what she actually put on her feet.

A video shows his grandma perched on a bed wearing pink ‘socks’ and a pair of pajamas.

He shared two images where the grandma was wearing two flesh-lights a s** toy on her feet.

After discovering this, the man knew that he had to tell her the truth so that she could take them off.

Source – twitter

However, here comes the next pickle. The ‘socks’ were quite difficult to remove.

He shared a video that showed him forcefully pulling both of the flesh-lights off his grandma’s feet.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal