Artist trolled on buying rights to a black pigment so others cant use it.

Memes are not unusual things on the internet. While most of them can be understood (and enjoyed) without knowing the context, a few carry a history with them! This article talks about one such unfortunate sculpture, which had the craziest memes made of. Brace yourselves, we are taking you to “The Bean”!

This bean-shaped building is a public sculpture in Chicago by the Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, constructed between 2004 to 2006. The original name of this centerpiece standing in the AT&T Plaza is ‘Cloud Gate’

Source: Flickr

And here’s the glimpse of a few memes and events that were created around it!

Source: Tumblr

(To make it sparkle clean?)

Source: Tumblr

(because too much of Windex is injurious to the Bean’s health)

Source: Tumblr

(Windex is all set to fight back)

Anish Kapoor acquired the exclusive rights to the ‘blackest black’ pigmentprovoking fury among the other artists across the world. Known as ‘Vantablack’, the pigment is capable of absorbing 99.96 percent of light. Another artist, named Stuart Semple got furious about it and created the brightest ping pigment called ‘Pinkest Pink’. He put this pigment for sale on the internet, with a condition: Anyone, but Anish Kapoor can purchase the pigment. Kapoor did not sit back, he acquired the pigment illegally and posted a picture with his middle finger immersed in the ‘Pinkest Pink’. The artist war continued, the outcome was, of course, cartloads of memes.

Here are a few you can’t afford to miss!



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Written by Shashank