Woman slammed for leaving her dog outside during earthquake

But the biggest shock comes when she shows that her dog – Max – is still outside during all the commotion, with her even asking ‘Are you OK Max?’

Someone can be heard shouting in disbelief as the earthquake shakes and Max can be heard barking in the brief clip.

The video is long enough, however, for people quickly shamed the woman for not moving fast enough to bring her beloved pooch indoors.

he video has quickly gone viral with more than a million views in the first two hours that it was posted.

It was so bad that Chanel had to post a follow up video showing that the dog was actually brought inside her home.

‘Max is alright! S**t, he good,’ she said in the follow up video. ‘So mind y’all business. Worry about your own dog. Where y’all dog at? Where y’all pool at?’

Max then goes and gets food out the trash, with Chanel

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Written by Shashank