Man said Alexa starting swearing at him after he cancelled his Amazon prime subscription

An Echo Dot owner claims that Amazon’s Alexa has started calling him an ‘sh*th**d’ whenever he requests the personal assistant to play his music.

Micheal Slade, 29, was shocked when his Echo Dot speaker started to swear at him following the cancellation of his Amazon Prime subscription. The incident has allegedly left Amazon engineers puzzled — with the tech firm offering Mr Slade gift vouchers and a year of free Prime membership in compensation.

Source: Wales news service

Software is available for the Echo Dot speaker that can make Alexa curse — but it is unclear whether someone might have deliberately uploaded this to the device. The online business owner and Cwmbran, South Wales occupant Michael Slade, 29, said that the trouble started the day after called Amazon to cancel his membership to their Prime subscription service.

Mr Slade told The Sun: I tried to cancel my subscription and had a short conversation with someone in customer services and the next day my Alexa is calling me names,’

Source: Wales news service

When he later asked the personal assistant to play him some music, Alexa reportedly responded: ‘Sure, here’s your playlist s******* on Amazon music. Sorry, something went wrong.’

Mr Slade said: ‘I couldn’t believe it, ‘I normally asked it to play me music. I’ve never made a playlist, I’ve spoken to technical support and they’ve never heard of this happening before, They kept saying sorry but they didn’t know what had happened.’

Mr Slade claims he has no idea why the assistant has begun to call him names. After Mr Slade reported the incident to Amazon, the tech firm reportedly sent him a ($6) gift voucher as compensation.

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Written by Shashank