Alligators Have Developed A Taste for Men in Florida

Source - Daily Mail

Florida’s alligator population have recently acquired a taste for the male population as more than 80% of the bite victims were men.

According to a study carried out in1971, the prehistoric reptiles used to savage local men from the region as opposed to women or male tourists.

Another interesting fact was nearly three-fourth of attackers were also male.

The study that is known to be the most comprehensive of its kind was conducted by Professor Adam Rosenblatt a professor in the University of North Florida.

Source – Daily Mail

Florida’s alligator attack incidents are also consistent with the study mentioned above.

A report said, ‘Major injuries to victims occurred in 247 bite incidents.’

‘The estimated annual number of bites resulting in major injury to the victim increased from 3.5 to 7.0 during 1971–2014.’

Males were more frequently bitten than females with the ratio of those injured was 81.4 percent male to 18.5 percent female.

Source – Daily Mail

The study was published in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

Florida has witnessed a huge increase in alligators, recently.

The sharp-toothed creatures usually get busy in the middle of the year and the warmer the temperature gets the speedier is their metabolism causing them to seek food more often and in the most random locations.

Brian Norris of Florida Fish and Wildlife told Fox 4, ‘They have to find some food so that’s when we’ll find them on sidewalks and people’s pools. They’re really just out there browsing around.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal