Alaskan Malamute Being Allowed To Take A Flight With Its Disabled Owner, Sits Very Still On A Plane Seat

Source - Weibo

Travelers on a China Southern Airlines flight recently got a chance to fly with an unusual passenger in the cabin.

A large brown Alaskan Malamute, after being allowed to travel on the flight with its disabled owner,  was filmed sitting quietly in its own seat. The owner was an emotionally vulnerable flyer and this beautiful service dog was qualified as an emotional support animal.

Source – Weibo

A China Southern Airlines spokesperson told Southern Metropolis Daily that it has been approved by medical professionals with the relevant certifications.

The Amusing video footage of the leashed dog’s large head sticking out amid the rows of passengers in the plane cabin is winning millions of hearts and went viral instantly.

Net users are saying that they wouldn’t mind sitting next to the well-behaved dog.

One user commented, ‘Compared with annoying kids who keeps kicking other people’s seats or old people who talk loudly, I’d rather sit with a service dog!’

While another said, ‘Such a well-behaved and cute dog. I wouldn’t mind sitting next to it!’

Source – Weibo

Airlines usually allow service animals such as guide dogs to accompany their owners, but the animals require a valid health certificate and official identification papers.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal