After Battling A House Fire in -50 Degree Temperature, This Photo Of The Fire Chief Goes Viral

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The frigid temperatures across America have created a stand still in the lives of Americans. Many businesses, government buildings and schools are closed as it is not advised to step out of home in such extreme conditions.

Amidst this freezing wind chill, the photo of a Wisconsin fire chief working in -50° Fahrenheit has brought attention to the heroic efforts of America’s first responders.

For Cameron Fire Chief, Mitch Hansen, whatever be the whether outside, it’s duty as usual despite dangerous bitterly cold weather and equipment that struggles to run.

We had a house fire south of Cameron today. Our chief Mitch Hansen thought it was a splash park….

Posted by Bimbo Gifford on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Having served in the fire department in Cameron, Wisconsin, for 43 years, Hansen told WQOW that fighting a fire in weather this cold is a first.

On Jan. 30, his team of firefighters responded to a call of house fire that was caused by a space heater. The fire hoses turned to frost and ice, leaving Hansen with facial hair covered in frost, frozen eyelids, and his fire-suit and helmet covered in a layer of ice.

Assistant Chief Bimbo Gifford took Hansen’s picture and posted it on online. The photo quickly got viral.

Hansen told WQOQ, “I don’t know how to explain it so much as the heat of the moment and the adrenaline rush keeps you warm while you’re doing it. And as soon as you start slowing down and getting done, then that’s when the reality and the cold sets in.”

While the home could not be saved, nobody got injured.

Fireman Tony Paulson told CNN, “The fire gutted the home but everybody got out safe. We saved what items we could for them. There was minus 50 wind chills. You’re pretty much froze stiff on the outside but warm on the inside.”

Gifford told CNN, “We’re a small team of volunteers but we’re careful and trained. When it’s that cold you just can’t move.”

Source – The Western Journal

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Written by Anu Bansal