Adorable dog picked present for himself on his owner birthday

Michael Cantu has a best friend, and his name is Toli. He is adorable service doh that devotes his life to making Michael’s life somewhat easier.

Cantu said: “He’s been with me every step of the way since I got him, He helps me open doors and drawers, turn on/off lights, picks up things I drop, etc.”

His dog always helps him whenever he can, but on this particular day, the focus was on him. It was his fourth birthday and Cantu wanted to make it a special occasion.

Source: Instagram/mikecantu7

He would not like to choose a present that his dog might not necessarily enjoy so he took the dog right to the store. It was a nearby pet store and he took him down the aisle where all of the dog toys could be found. You can see this adorable pup swaying his tail as he was looking down through the options. It appeared as though he knew exactly what he was doing!

Take a look at the video below:

“This has kinda become a tradition on his birthday,” Cantu said. “He loves taking naps and cuddling with his toys.”

So what did this dog pick out for himself? It was a lovely rabbit stuffed animal and he loved it!

Source: Instagram/mikecantu7

Cantu further added: “That rabbit, who is now named Chungus, he takes with him everywhere,”

Source: Instagram/mikecantu7

Source: Mike Cantu

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Written by Shashank