A woman slams a tinder user who asked is she is fat one in profile picture

A lady has been left stunned by a Tinder user who all of a sudden turned on her and called her ‘fat.’

Emily Langston, from Essex, was shocked when she reacted to a message she got from a user named Matt on the famous dating site.

Source: XxNoseley (Twitter)

Uploading a screenshot of the exchange to Twitter, Emily penned:Get yourself a boy off Tinder who talks to you like this. Oh Matt, you’re cancelled.’ 

Source: XxNoseley (Twitter)

The man in question started the conversation and cringe-worthily penned: ‘I’m jealous of your heart, it’s pumping inside you and I’m not. While the dance teacher was pleasant enough to humour him, she admitted it was a rather ‘different’ way to open a chat – to which he then randomly decided to call her a ‘s***.’

Confused by the nasty comment, Emily replied saying ‘sorry what?’ before Matt apologised and rather strangely tried to blame it on his teddy.

‘Sorry that was my teddy Olaf, he gets up to a lot sometimes,’ he wrote.

However, the statement of regret was brief-lived apology as he then went onto asking Emily whether she was on the left or the right of the third picture on her profile page and whether she was the ‘fat one.’

Replying that she was the one with the ‘blue hair,’ a rather patient Emily then added: ‘Wow, you’re such a delight ain’t ya.’

Source: XxNoseley (Twitter)

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Written by Shashank