A town suffers measles outbreak because locals believe God forbids vaccinations

At least 10 individuals have been infected with measles in a Dutch town where many guardians have not vaccinated their children due to religious reasons.

Nine kids and one grown-up were diagnosed with the disease in Urk, a Protestant fishing town where immunization rates are low as compared to the national average.
Around 61 percent of individuals in the town have been vaccinated against measles, compared to 92.9 percent in the wider population.

According to the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf: The Dutch health service said it was investigating whether it was necessary to inoculate or administer antibodies to those who have been in contact with infected patients, Many people in the village believe only God has power over life and death and so vaccinations are not permitted, according to the newspaper.

A representative for the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment told the paper the infected individuals originate from two families who are in close contact with one another.


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Written by Shashank