A Teenager Attended Her Prom In a Rolls Royce Covered In Millions Of Crystals

A teenager stole the show and became one of the most remembered entry at her school prom after she arrived in a glittering Rolls Royce Phantom covered in more than four million Swarovski crystals.

Isha Sanah Akhtar, 16, from Blackburn made a head-turning, jaw-dropping entrance in a car that cost £500 to hire for 15 minutes.

She got dressed in a stunning blue and grey colored gown which cost her £260.

Source – Goldwing Studio/SWNS

Isha also enlisted her own camera crew for £300 to capture the moments of her getting ready and traveling to the prom.

The luxury touches to the car were gifted by Isha’s uncle Amar Akbar, who traveled with her to the prom.

Source – Goldwing Studio/SWNS
Source – Goldwing Studio/SWNS

Isha surely had a night to remember after she turned up in the crystal-covered Rolls Royce.

She said: ‘Ever since I’ve been small my uncle has been like a father figure to me. He wanted to do something special for my prom and give me a great send-off from school.’

Source – Goldwing Studio/SWNS

She went on: ‘My uncle and family wanted to do something different for me so I didn’t have the same entrance as anyone else.

‘I even had my own red carpet from the car to the hall. The prom was just amazing. The car and what has been done for me brought tears to my eyes.

Source – Goldwing Studio/SWNS

‘I would like to give a big thank you to my uncle and auntie and the photographer and everyone who helped me have such a great prom night.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal