A Super Bowl Recap Happened And Netizens Are Expressing Their Disappointment

So the Super Bowl was disappointing. We all had high hopes. We prayed to God that the underdogs win but they were dashed.

The New England Patriots beat the freshly relocated Los Angeles Rams 13–3 in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday. The game has created what we can call one of the most anticlimactic snooze situations in the history of the recent sport.

Throughout the match, many Angelenos lowered their heads in dismay because LA just can’t catch a f**king sports break.

Anyway, for many reasons, the game was an absolute disappointment and people obviously took to the internet to vent out their frustration and express their feelings, about the fact that the most hyped-up spectacle let us down.

The only upside here is that people’s reactions are actually quite entertaining and will make you giggle.

So people did not let go of the fact that this is not the first this happened.

This year’s championship was, in fact, the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history.

People were deeply disappointed and they did not hesitate to show their displeasure.

People soon turned indifferent and did not even wait for the game to end.

Well! another upside – ‘memories were made.’

And then the mood:

and it continued.

And it just kept happening.

Source – BuzzFeed

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Written by Anu Bansal