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A ‘smart dress’ that counted how many times Women were gr*p*d during one night.

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If you are a woman, this story won’t come as much of surprise as it confirms some of the everyday behaviour patterns women all across the world face.

Ogilvy, an advertising agency in Brazil, tested out a dress that used electronic receptors to measure the number of times men touched women without consent. These receptors not only measure the touch but also the physical pressure the men exerted.

Well, the results were an eye-opener to the world. The project was named “Dress for Respect” and was designed to help educate men across the world that an issue which they take for granted needs worldwide attention and immediate fixation.

The agency’s three women wearing these smart dresses were touched a combined 157 times without their consent in just 3 hours of time.

The experiment was held in a nightclub in Brazil. Many surveys carried out in Brazil have found out that almost 86% of women experienced one or the other form of inappropriate behaviour while attending nightclubs.

A recent study in the United States has found that 81 per cent of American women have experienced a similar form of behaviour that goes beyond nightclubs and spreads on to every facet of American life.

Highlighting an important issue, the “Dress of Respect” campaign would sure make a lasting and measurable impact on the minds of millions. A gimmick like this is sometimes required to help people(men) realize the gravity of the problem we as a society collectively face.

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Written by Anu Bansal