A seagull caught on camera stealing a bread loaf

A cleverness seagull has been caught on camera making a brazen dash for a bread loaf. The creature was recorded as he crawled inside Poundland and gradually dragged his prize out of the door. It happened at the bargain chain’s Whitby store on May 17, when Josh Binks decided to film it.

Footage demonstrates the seagull walking away from Poundland after dropping the loaf of bread. He leaves the shop before turning around and appearing to consider whether to go back for it.

Source: Mercury press and media

Mr. Binks can be heard behind the camera saying: ‘Will it go back for it?’ The seagull at that point turns and tries to snatch the bread in its beak while Mr. Binks erupts into laughter.

Take a look at the video below:

Dragging the bread along the ground, the seagull is scarcely out of the shop when a female worker comes out of the shop. The winged creature looks stunned and stumbles backward before abandoning the bread and escaping the scene of the wrongdoing.

Source: Mercury press and media

Mr. Binks said: ‘I was picking my mum up as she works at that store, and I saw a seagull walk through the doors. I’d only just pulled up and I just watched it.

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Written by Shashank