A Samsung tablets overheats and burns bed

An 11-year-old kid luckily saved himself after his Samsung tablet overheated while on charge and melted through his mattress as he slept, a fire service said.

Source: Mercury News

When he woke the next day he discovered a hole down to the bed springs while his room was covered in black soot in Keepers Close, Burntwood. Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said it was “blessed” the smoldering device did not turn into a full fire.

Source: Mercury News

According to BBC, they had contacted Samsung.

According to firefighter Brad Robins: It serves as a stark reminder not to leave items charging on materials that could catch fire when hot, and the boy’s family had been “greatly shocked”

Source: Mercury News

The couple from Staffordshire said the tablet had left a melted hole in his bedding and mattress to the metal springs. They highlighted they had no idea their son had snuck the four-year-old gadget into his room after they went to bed, leaving it on charge for up to nine hours, as they enforce strict no electrical at night rule.

Source: Mercury News

Source: BBC

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Written by Shashank