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A Retirement Home For Sloths in Wales Will Cheer You Up in Minutes

Source - Folly Farm

Having a rough week? Well! read it on and you will be all happy as you read the article.

You must be thinking, “What???” Sloths spend a load of time asleep and move at a glacial pace, but this home is especially made for sloths that reach a certain age and need more rest than usual.

Folly Farm – a zoo in Pembrokeshire – is now the home of two adorable sloths named Tuppee and Lightcap, aged 24 and 34 respectively. Lightcap is the fifth oldest sloth in European zoos.

The average age of two-toed sloth is about 20 years in the wild, but they are known to live much longer once kept in captivity.

Source – Folly Farm

Tim Morphew, the curator of the zoo, says that the decision is made with conservation of the species in mind. He told the BBC: “We’re helping conservation efforts at other zoos by freeing up enclosures for younger, breeding pairs. Initially we didn’t make a conscious decision to home older sloths.”

He further added, “Conservation is key for us at Folly Farm and our breeding programs are a huge part of that, but our older animals are just as important to us and we need to make sure they’re looked after in their old age. With the older sloths, we might boil their root vegetables to make them softer and easier to eat and, if they’re showing signs of old age, add supplements like cod liver oil into their diet. Depending on how they get on, we might also look at adapting the enclosure to make the floor deeper and reduce the height of branches, so they don’t have as far to climb down.”

Source – PA

Tuppee, has been living at Folly Farm since 2016 and Lightcap was brought in more recently.

Morphew continued: “Like many older men, Tuppee has been known to be a bit grumpy and even misbehaves at times, but we know he’s a softie at heart.”

Source – PA

He further added: “Sloths aren’t known for being social animals, but as they get older we’ve found they do like company. Who knows, soon we may even be in a position to expand the retirement home further.”

Source – Lad Bible

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Written by Anu Bansal