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A man saved after spending a month in bears den in Russia

A Russian man looking like a living corpse has been rescued from a bear den after he claims the animal broke his back and left him there for a month.

The man, named uniquely as Alexander, was found by h*nting dogs approximately one month after he was overpowered by the predator in Russia’s remote Tuva region, it has been claimed. The man was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken spine from his fight with the brown bear, say reports. He told doctors a large predator had overpowered him.

Source: The Siberian Times.

According to the mirror: The bear preserved me as food for later, He drank his own urine to survive, Medics say it is a “miracle” that he is alive.

A group of Russian hu*ters claims to have discovered Alexander after their dogs woofed and refused to move on from a bear den they passed in the forest in mountainous Tuva. They checked inside the den and saw what they believed was a human mummy – until they released he was alive.

Source: The Siberian Times.

According to The Siberian Times: “The man remembers his first name but not his age and was reportedly in the den for around one month – drinking urine to survive,”

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Written by Shashank