A rat entered into an ATM and ate nearly twenty thousand dollars.

In 2018, it was accounted that in the town of Tinsukia, India a rat broke the world record for the most costly rat home ever.

The rat chose to make the inside of a State Bank of India ATM its home, and it destroyed $17,662 in Indian rupees.

From a long time, the ATM was out of order and it suddenly stopped dispensing the cash as well. When the issue was escalated, technicians went to go look at the machine, when they found a no longer living rat and the most expensive rat nest of all time.

Image credit: AFP/Getty Images

As per the report, $42,685 USD worth of Indian cash, 2.9 million rupees, were recovered without any harm done to it.

“We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence,” said SBI branch manager Chandan Sharma, Reuters reported.

Unfortunately, the bank ATM’s CCTV cameras failed to recognize the rat. Most Indian ATMs have cameras for additional security. In excess of 50,000 ATMs crosswise over India are possessed by the State Bank of India.

While the regional State Bank of India branch might be out 1.2 million rupees, we can still laud the daring creature for swimming through a sea of hard cash and paying with its life for what was presumably a long-held dream.

Source: Hindustan Times

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Written by Shashank