A mother sparks debate after she fed her son’s vegan friend meat

A mother has recently sparked a debate online after she fed meat to her son’s vegan friend. The debate started on Reddit after user DazzlingCatation revealed the incidence when her son’s friend stayed over for dinner.

The 13-year-old boy was raised vegan, and his parents requested the family to serve him only vegan food. Despite this, the Redditor had served meatloaf and mashed potatoes and the boy was happy to eat it.

The mother wrote, ‘So my son had a friend over for dinner the other night. For context, they’re both 13, and the friend’s parents are vegan.

‘I don’t know anything about vegan food and don’t have many vegetables I normally cook — pretty much all I ever make for vegetable sides is buttered corn, broccoli and cheese, brown sugar carrots, or mixed veggies.’

Source – Daily Mail

‘We told them we don’t really have anything we could make vegan, but we could find some small things to give him until they picked him up and they said to just make whatever we were going to make ourselves and leave out the animal products,’

‘He said he’d actually like to eat what we were eating and that it looked good, and that he usually eats meat at school anyways. So, we just made him the same plate as ours.’

But the child’s parents were very angry when they got to know their son was fed meat.

The parent further wrote adding, ‘They said we’re a bad influence and turning him against veganism. Even though it was HIS choice to eat our dinner rather than me making him some small sides.

‘Apparently now he’s also no longer allowed to hang out with our son. Our son is heartbroken, me and my husband are pretty upset that they’re trying to end our kids friendship over this, and our friends are kind of split.

‘Some people say that their son is old enough to make his own decision on if he’s vegan or not, some think I should of done as the parents asked and made him something vegan. I also think that at his age, it’s his choice to eat animal products or not, and if he asks me for some I’m not going to say no.’

Commenters were mixed on their views.

One commenter wrote, ‘I’m going with NTA [not the a**hole]. He clearly isn’t vegan if he eats meat at school adn he asked if he could have some of the meatloaf.’

Other wrote: ‘Exactly. He’s also not a little kid. 13 is old enough to make decision over what you want to eat, within reason.’

But other people believed that the parents should’ve followed the instructions.

‘Parents decide what their kids eat,’ one person wrote. ‘While it might (I don’t actually know) be sh** parenting to have your kids be vegan, you don’t supersede someone else’s parenting unless that “kid” is an adult. 13 is not an adult.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal