A Mother Shares Pictures of Her Sons After Breastfeeding One And Giving Other Formula

A mother-of-three recently shared photos of her two ‘perfectly proportioned’ sons in order to challenge the claim that babies who are kept on formula are more likely to become obese.

Sam Clarkson, 46, a childminder from Lancashire, recently posted the pictures on the Facebook group after witnessing a discussion on the ITV show on Tuesday.

Source – Sam Clarkson

The discussion was on a report that came out earlier this week stating that children who are never given breast milk have 25 percent higher odds of obesity.

Sam asked fellow Facebook users to guess which of her two sons – Noah, 16 and Harry, 21 – was bottle-fed with formula and which was breastfed.

Source – Sam Clarkson

She captioned the post: ‘I breastfed one of my boys and bottle-fed the other. Both are perfectly proportioned and definitely not overweight.

‘You tell me which was fed formula. Fed is best and I’m fed up of the powers that be (whoever they are) stigmatising parents that bottle feed their children.

‘Give it a rest and let the parents, who know what’s best for their families, decide for themselves without shaming them.’

Source – Facebook

Her post received more than 800 likes and dozens of comments, thus igniting a heated debate over the issue.

It turns out that Harry, 21 who is the taller of the two have a size 28 waist and wears small to medium size tops was fed using formula.

She told FEMAIL: ‘My daughter Rebekah (24) and was bottle fed –  I tried breastfeeding her, but she just gave me love bite-type bruises.

‘I wasn’t supported – I asked for help from midwives but they didn’t have the time.

Source – Sam Clarkson

‘I breastfed Harry for two days but I stopped because Rebekah got very jealous and I felt guilty.

‘Noah was my last chance for a breastfed baby. I was 30 – there are eight years between my eldest and my youngest – so I insisted I got support.’

Explaining her decision to speak out on the issue on social media, Sam said she wanted to share the picture because she is ‘fed up of “the powers that be” shaming parents’.

Source – Sam Clarkson

She further said, ‘Most responsible parents will know what is best for their situation, finances and time constraints.’

‘Let us parent our kids without being told you’re doing it wrong – one size does not fit all.

‘Lots of other environmental issues also contribute to childhood obesity, such as the change from tax credits to universal credits and the rise in the number of people having to rely on food banks.

‘Processed food is so much cheaper than fresh fruit, veg and meat, and then there’s the problem of unhealthy takeaways positioned outside schools.’

Source – Sam Clarkson

Comments started flowing. One commented: ‘I agree a 100 per cent with you. I’ve read articles where babies have died of starvation because the mothers were told they could only breastfeed. They didn’t produce enough milk for their babies so they starved, heartbreaking.’

Another wrote: ‘I breastfed my oldest for eight months, I had so much milk unfortunately I needed to stop at that age. Then I had my second and I tried and tried [but] there was not a chance my boy wanted to be breastfed, I cried so much about it.

‘My second one [has] never ever been poorly or anything. And he is not overweight at all. He is so skinny.’

Source – Facebook

And one added: ‘I bottle fed all of my kids and none of them are overweight. At the end of the day everybody does things their own way, and for some mums they have no choice but to bottle feed!

‘Besides it’s not all down to bottle or breastfeeding that determines what size your child is going to be in the long run, many other factors come into play too.’

Sam said after seeing the reaction to her post: ‘I get the general feeling that parents want to make an individual decision on how they feed their children.

‘As long as their children are fit, healthy and thriving then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

‘Parents are doing their best and it’s nice to see some solidarity between us mums.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal