A millionaire provided life-changing gifts to a child doing his homework under a lamp

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba, who is only 11, was pictured attempting to complete his homework under a streetlight in Peru. With no electricity in his family home, the devoted student perched on a kerb in Moche, Peru to read his book.

The boy was captured in his endeavours on footage from street cameras:

The video promptly becomes viral on social media.

The photographs additionally provoked the consideration of 31-year-old millionaire Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a philanthropist from Bahrain. After learning about the young boy’s home life, Mubarak flew to Peru to help.

Local reports reveal the businessman transformed and Víctor’s home, making it two storeys high, per Tubarco.

Source: Twitter

In more acts of humanity, Yaqoob additionally helped Víctor’s mum set up her very own business and pledged to rebuild Víctor’s local school.

The philanthropic millionaire revealed that he also comes from humble beginnings, similar to Víctor. He hopes his kindness will ensure a bright future Victor and his family.

Victor and his family expressed gratitude to local news:

Thank you for the help you are offering, thank you very much because you are helping us to build our school.

I thank the people who want to do this to me [build my house]. I thank them very much that they have had that kindness and they have given time to come to my humble home, because anyone does not do it.

Source: Youtube

Víctor’s mum Rosa shared that her son was shocked by everything he was being offered. She said: ‘He kept thinking, how can people from another continent come to see me?’

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Written by Shashank