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A man received a heartwarming gift when he tried to return his dog food

Losing an adored pet is never simple. It tends to be as hard as losing a PERSON. Fortunately, there are dependably emphatical individuals who are there to help you when things get unpleasant. Sometimes that support comes from the places you expect the least. For example, pet stores. Recently a man named Joseph Inabnet shared startling compassion he received from a local pet store after he lost his dog, Bailey.

Source: Joseph Inabnet

After his pet passed away, the heartbroken man decided to return the unopened pack of pooch nourishment back to pet store Chewy. The answer he got from them was somewhat unpredictable.

Source: Joseph Inabnet

They advised Joseph to donate the food and issued him a refund. While Joseph was shocked by the reaction, he didn’t realize he will hear from them again.

Source: Joseph Inabnet

After a few days, he received a package from the same store. When he opened a bundle he found an inspiring blessing – a card and an oil painting of his pooch. The company made sure that Joseph would have a beautiful reminder of his beloved pet.

Source: Joseph Inabnet
Source: Joseph Inabnet

The card reads: “It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one. They will always be remembered and cherished. With heartfelt sympathy, ‘Pets come into our lives, leave Paw Prints on our hearts and we are forever changed.’

We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here. Warmly, the chewy Family.”

To show the gratitude towards them, Joseph posted the entire thing on his facebook and it was like more than 100k people and shared by more than 60k people worldwide. The post worked out as an excellent ad for Chewy, as many people were stunned by their customer service and promised to become their customers.

Source: Joseph Inabnet

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Written by Shashank