A jewish man was punched by an unknown starnger

A shocking video has surfaced appearing merciless moment a young fellow punches a Hasidic Jewish man in the head without provocation in New York.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening at 7.40pm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the crossing point of Marcy Avenue and Rodney Street.

The vicious att*ck was gotten on CCTV film and shows the minute a 39-year-old Orthodox Jewish man strolls along the road and is abruptly hit from behind.

The victim was hit with such force that he reels forward and his hat and yarmulke falls to the ground.

After the speculate throws his hit, he flees, looking back at his injured victim.

Source: Twitter/Williamsburg Shomrim

The young suspect, wearing a dim sweater and a blue backpack, appears to be smiling as he runs away.

The stunned Jewish man at that point gets his cap and runs after the assailant.

DCPI Spokesperson Detective Sophia Mason told to

A 39 year-old male victim stated to police that he was walking on the sidewalk when an unidentified male approached him from behind and slapped him on the side of the face with an open hand, causing pain and redness to his face,’

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Written by Shashank