A high school teacher suspended for showing his class salad fingers

A Canadian teacher has been suspended for showing a group of teenagers in his class Salad Fingers because Salad Fingers is a little, well, weird for anyone who’s never seen it before.

The teacher, James Thwaites, was working in a school area only north of Prince George, Canada, when he chose to demonstrate his high school students some popular hits – primarily Salad Fingers. A series of videos about a green gangly man with equally gangly (salad) fingers banging on about how much he loves rusty spoons was probably a bit of a culture shock to the kids he showed it to.

Source: Youtube

For those of you who probably won’t know, Salad Fingers is a British flash animation web series created by David Firth in 2004, whereby the principal character is a green, hunchbacked humanoid who has finger puppets as his only form of company. In other words, it’s hilarious.

As per the document illustrating the suspension, composed by BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation Howard Kushner, the incident occurred on January 2018 and furthermore included Thwaites showing the teenagers two other ‘inappropriate’ films – Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and ASDF Movie.

Source: Youtube

The report read:

One called Salad Fingers featured an animated character who says ‘the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic’ followed by ‘I must caress your rusty kettle.’ The second film was called Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared which shows puppets drawing skulls, then trying to glue glitter on an anatomical heart, cutting a pie made of bloody meat and writing out the word ‘death.’ The third video was called the ASDFmovie which depicts stick characters including one female stabbing each other in a fit of jealousy, and then a number of dead stick children.

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Written by Shashank