A here 16-Year-Old Pushes Man in Wheelchair Away From Tornado

As tornado alarms boomed all through St. Louis, 16-year-old Seth Phillips hopped out of his mother’s vehicle to push a man in a wheelchair up a hill to his home. His mother recorded everything on her cellphone.

Take a look at the video:

At the point when the high schooler was pushing him up the street, the man explained how his life was “not doing that good for him,” the good Samaritan told Inside Edition.

“It just really hurt me to see him all by himself and just really sad,” Seth said. “He was a double amputee and he needed help.”

The man had lost the two legs and blind, so he was attempting to return home on his own. With numerous individuals sounding to stand out enough to be noticed, it was the teenager who sprang into action like a superhero.

Seth said: He was only independent of anyone else and alone and everyone was simply driving by, cussing at him and sounding at him and simply hollering insensible things towards him and that wasn’t right,”

“Believe it or not, this is not the first time Seth has asked me to help someone in need. Usually, it is an elderly person at the grocery store when we are out and about,” his mom said. “I wasn’t totally shocked but the fact that the tornado sirens were going off and it was a little bit chaotic and seeing him struggle on the side of the street. … I was more than happy to pull over to let Seth help him. I actually have a grandfather who is a double amputee and I know the struggle that comes with that.”

Seth’s biggest fear was that the man wouldn’t make it home. He said that everybody should come together to help other people, particularly those out of luck.

Source: Inside Edition

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Written by Shashank