A giant sea lion enters in fish market and asks for fish in snacks

A group of workers at a South American fish market was shocked when an ocean lion meandered ashore and casually made its way over to the action.

The market was the perfect place for a hungry sea lion. After all, it was full of fresh fish just ready to be consumed. In this precious video, you can see the sea lion waddling over to a worker, hoping that the man might show mercy on him and throw him a snack.

Image source: Youtube screenshot

Fortunately for the ocean lion, the man obliged and offered it a fish. The ocean lion had been so patient sitting tight for his meal, so it is no surprise that the worker was happy to reward it with a fish.

Image source: Youtube screenshot

It didn’t take the ocean lion long to make sense that this man was a source of food. The massive animal continued to follow the worker around hoping for another meal. Finally, the man offered the sea lion even more fish.

Take a look at the video below:

Source: Animal Welfare Organisation

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Written by Shashank