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A Dad Took His 2-Year-Old’s Most Memorable Words and Converts Them Into Beautiful Illustrations

Kids are the most unpredictable creatures  of all. They could say the weirdest things and sometimes the word stick to our minds for the rest of our lives.

Lifelong artist, Martin Bruckner kind of took this opportunity and turned it into an art for everyone to enjoy. He realized this strange phenomenon a few years back when his daughter, Harper, who was then 2 years old, was having a field day.

They were having dinner when his wife barely looking up told her daughter, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.”

Later that same night, as Bruckner was getting Harper ready for a bath, he inquired casually, “Did you just drop your cheese in the tub again?”

To this he recalled, “I thought, ‘This is it.’ This is my life now.”

Filled with sheer joy, he started capturing as many of these fleeting moments as he could.

Bruckner started to illustrate his daughter’s sweetest, best, and most hilarious moments. He said that her words always used to instantly bring unforgettable and unique visuals to mind, and he decided to scribble them down so he’d never lose them.

At first, Bruckner collected some eight or so drawings and created a book for his wife as a Mother’s Day gift.

Just experimenting, he put a few of his work on a Facebook page, aptly named “Spaghetti Toes,”  and from that day on everything changed.

His work simply went viral with people connecting with the work more than what he expected. He soon started getting emails from a notable book publishers.

Bruckner and his daughter’s recently hit shelves of many notable bookstores. He also added the custom designs which he drew on for fans all over the globe in this book.

What started as just a fun activity to keep the memories of his daughters with him forever, has not turned into a popular brand.

Bruckner had little idea that parents all over the world were pretty familiar with the twisted and unique brand of honesty all toddlers possess.

Bruckner says, “The world we live in today … I think everyone can agree it’s not great. The news brings you down. But even people that don’t have kids, they say, ‘Thank you for this.'”

He further adds, “It brightens their day. That means a lot.”

With Harper growing up, these memorable moments are surely getting skewed but every now and then, he gets these gems.

Just the other day, Bruckner overheard her giving a pep talk to her barbies. She said, “Ladies, we have all day to have fun. But Jesus is coming soon, and this house is a mess.”

Source – Upworthy

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Written by Anu Bansal