A builder becomes Instagram influencer just to show how easy it is

Omar had no clue what an influencer was until recently when he chose to get some information about it. After she explained, his response set the precedent for what would become a hilariously wholesome venture.

Omar made his account on 3 May this year, after his daughter explained the concept of an influencer to him and he replied: Pssh, I could do that.” He wasn’t messing about, either.

Source: @justaconstructionguy

In a little more than a month, he’s racked up more than 393,000 Instagram followers and draws in a huge number of comments on his posts, which look extraordinary, to be reasonable. The man’s got talent.

Source: @justaconstructionguy

His 18 posts so far managed to capture the influencer vibe spot on. There’s a flat lay, flaunting his greetings vis, hard cap, gloves, flask and safety goggles; a cool shot of a crane including the influencer-most loved caption, ‘Not the worst view’; the classic hand reaching in from out of shot, in a kind of ‘take me with you’ post and, of course, lots of shots of coffee.

Source: @justaconstructionguy

One of his followers commented: “Only ‘influencer’ on the ‘gram I’ll follow. We are witnessing a legend being born folks.” I’m inclined to agree, pal.

Another commented: “You have killed the influencer game. It’s killed. Everyone else can stop now.”

While a third said: “I’ve never been so influenced in my life.”

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Written by Shashank