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A 385-mile human chain made by 5 million Indian women on New Year to spread the message of equality.

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A powerful statement made by Indian women on January 1, 2019 when 5 million women in the southern Indian state of Kerala lined up shoulder to shoulder to form a “women’s wall” 385 miles (620 km) long.

These humongous wall was a statement of gender equality. It was a call to end violent protests happening against women who are trying to enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, a pilgrimage site for Hindus.

A Supreme Court ruling in this matter provides the legal right to women of all ages to enter the temple but the religious tradition has held that only men and elderly women may enter. In order to protest against the ruling, many women of menstrual age have been met with abuse and violence as they attempt to worship at the temple.

Women all over the world with India being no exception face various forms of gender-based violence and discrimination. Some of the heinous crimes against women are gang r*pe, tribal practices, s*x trafficking, forced servitude, and more.

According to a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll held in 2012, India was found to be the fourth most dangerous country for women and in 2018, it climbed to number one.

India has been ranked as  the worst country in the world for women in several areas:

– Cultural practices, including a*id attacks, child marriage, female g*nital mutilation, physical a*use, punishment by stoning, and female infanticide/foeticide

– S*xual violence, including r*pe ,lack of justice, s**ual harassment and s**ual coercion as a form of corruption

– Human trafficking, including forced labor and servitude, and forced marriage.

This wall sends a powerful message of unity, letting everyone know that they’re done putting up with gender disparity.

Not only in India, all over the world we need to start treating women as equal and try to create a much tolerable society in which every person should be treated with equal respect.

Hopefully this powerful “women’s wall” will help move the needle for women in India as they inspire others around the world with their show of unity.

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Written by Anu Bansal