7-year-old girl gets Bullied, Bikers Come To Protect Her

Bullying is a widespread issue and many children suffer from this on a daily basis.

The little seven-year-old Ashley Wastakiewicz was such kid who was being bullied by an older 11-year-old in her neighborhood.

The bullying wasn’t just verbal as the boy started to become aggressive towards Ashley. He used to constantly push and pull her off her bike.

One day, Ashley even had to be rushed to the hospital because of the bully.

Charges of assault were pressed against the boy but even then the boy and his family denied any accusations of bullying.

“She has felt that nobody loves her, nobody cares about her. She feels alone,” said Ashley’s mom, Christine. “She is afraid to come outside to play. She has been cooped up most of the summer because she is afraid to come out and play with the fear of being bullied.”

Seeing her daughter in such torment, she could not handle it anymore and she created a Facebook Page, “Justice for Ashley.”

Source – John Ray Spencer

While creating this social media handle, she was hoping to hear from a few people who could advise her how to handle such situation but she never would have imagined that they will actually show up to help her.

As members of a local motorcycle group received word about Ashley, they decided to support her.

Motorcycle enthusiast James Dingmon said, “We got word from other brothers at other clubs and we all met. I don’t believe in bullying. Nobody should be bullied. We wanted a show of force, that she is loved and she’s got people out here that care for her.”

Source – John Ray Spencer

Another biker John Spencer wrote the following: “We made a difference tonight and helped in the widespread fight against bullying, particularly with a very serious case with a wonderful little 7 year old girl named Ashley, whom has (had) a terrible bully in her neighborhood for quite some time now and has been terrified to play outside her own home after being sent to the E.R. and continuously threatened and hurt.”

The bikers, Ashley, and her mom met at a playground nearby where they heard Ashley’s story. Afterward, the entire group dropped Ashley home and drove to the bully’s house, simply to make their presence felt.

“I’m not scared anymore,” Ashley shouted.

Source – Spotlight

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Written by Anu Bansal