3 Secret Messages Pilots Send with Seat Belt Signs

A safety belt sign appears to be obvious enough: Stay seated, and hook your safety belt. When it’s off, you can feel free to get up and stretch your legs or head to the bathroom. However, the crew members know the intricate details of what it truly implies when the symbol is lit up—and it’s a bit more complicated than you realized.

The plane is taking off soon: Just because you’ve been advised to remain in your seat doesn’t mean the flight crew needs to—yet. Airlines have their very own standards about what the chimes you hear mean, however on the off chance that you hear two dings, at that point see the safety belt sign flash, the pilot could be warning the crew to sit down because the plane is about to take off, says former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Laura Hutcheson tells the Washington Post. 

Source: MSN

You’re about to land: That same sign the captain uses to impart departure time is also used when the plane is going to arrive, Hutcheson said. It is the final sign from the captain for the crew to take their seats,’ she says. And here’s why your seat needs to be in the upright position while landing and other reasons behind weird aeroplane safety rules.

The plane is parked: Ever notice hear a crew member tell you to remain in your seat until the plane arrives at the terminal, just to see the safety belt sign turn off almost immediately? The captain turns the seat belt sign off when the plane is parked, yet that doesn’t mean travellers should begin getting up, says Hutcheson. Although the aircraft is at a standstill and passengers believe that it is safe to get up and start getting their bags, the aircraft could still move unexpectedly, which could result in passengers injuring themselves,’ she says. Now you know the plane secret.

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Written by Shashank