25 year old woman Claims She’s A ‘Breatharian’ And not required Solid Foods

A 25-year-old person has stood up about her ‘breatharian’ way of life, claiming she no longer needs solid food to keep her energy levels up.

Audra Bear, from Minneapolis, practices ‘prana’ and ‘breatharianism’, whereby she supposedly gets a large portion of her energy from breathing activities and being out in nature. She says ‘prana’ means energy and when breathing in, people inhale both air and prana. Breatharians claim to be nourished by air and don’t need solid food.

Audra has explained how ‘prana is another word for energy, also known as Qi or Chi’:

Prana is another word for energy, also known as Qi or Chi. It is a life-giving force that flows in, through and around all things, it’s in the air we breathe, the sunshine, nature, connections with people and all living things.

It is a powerful energy that actually has the ability to fuel and sustain us as humans. Living a pranic lifestyle is about shifting your focus from nourishing your body with denser sources (food) to less dense sources (energy), all the while keeping in mind that food is not bad, you can enjoy food if you want to.

Audra is focused on working on breathing activities once a day for one to three hours, which she claims leaves her preferring smoothies, tea, and juices to strong dinners. Audra sometimes eats solid food when out with family or companions for supper, but aside from this, she picks up her calories for the most part from pureed leafy foods and, erm, air. Audra claims her longest fast– where she exclusively consumed juices and smoothies – went on for an entire 97 days.

According to Audra: I wouldn’t recommend anyone to fast, cleanse or restrict without first learning about the breath. You can also experience prana through time in nature, sunbathing, earthing, creating and playing. You can eat if you choose to, for entertainment or social settings, know your energy is sourced from the life-force all around you. Most days I just drink teas, fruit juices, green juices, and fresh coconut waters. I do eat occasionally now, but more for celebratory reasons.


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Written by Shashank