17-Year Old Hand Painted Her Graduation Dress And It Truly Is An Art Marvel

Source -Ciara Gan

A 17-year-old girl’s graduation dress has gone immensely viral on social media.

Ciara Gan designed, sewed, and hand-painted her ballgown learning everything on YouTube tutorials to get the job done.

She told Today, “For the whole of March, my mom and I made (and) sewed each panel of the skirt one by one. It took me about a whole month to make the whole thing.”

Source -Ciara Gan

The hand-painted flowers took five days but as you can see the effort was totally worth it.

“The whole process was so rewarding afterwards because I was able to wear one of my own creations,” she said.

She wowed everyone in her class and eventually, the entire world.

Based out of Philippines, Ciara also happens to be an incredibly talented artist.

When asked about where the idea of making it yourself came from, she told Buzzfeed, “Because I love to try new things, I thought why not? It was my last big event for school and I had about a month of graduation practices, so I’d be able to focus more on making my gown without worrying about schoolwork.”

Source -Ciara Gan

Every part of the design was a source of inspiration for Ciara from one thing or the another.

“As nerdy as it may sound, I chose emerald green because I’m an avid Potterhead and a proud Slytherin,” she explained to BuzzFeed News.

Source – Buzzfeed

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Written by Anu Bansal