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17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have Toe Thumbs

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This post is dedicated to the people with short and stubby thumbs. They are actually—without a doubt—toe thumbs. Two short, stubby, toe-looking thumbs.

With Megan Fox in your corner, there are some things you and your fellow toe-thumb-sisters can relate to.

14. You’re always insecure that people will notice your thumbs for the first time.

13. Using a phone can be a bit challenging.

12. Going to the nail salon is not that amusing.

11. You adore the toe-thumb queen Megan Fox.

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10. The feeling of self-conscious is always there when you take pictures holding something.

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Coffee first, Monday later ☕️

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9. Because TBH, it takes the attention off of whatever there is you are holding.

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Breakfast with a view 🍉🥝🍑🍌🍓

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8. You make spelling errors while texting.

7. People compare their thumbs to yours.

6. Everyday things are an actual struggle.

5. Like, using matches and lighter.

4. Or, going bowling and finding a ball that properly fits your hand.

3. Thumb rings are out of the question.

2. On the  bright side, your thumb is a wrestling champion.

1. And, without a doubt, you are unique.

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Written by Anu Bansal