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15 Tweets That Girl With Mostly Guy Friends Could Relate To

Source - Twitter

Girls with mostly guy friends are always treated with raised eyebrows. They are often given demeaning names by those who are not mature enough to understand that  they are only friends with men.

But we have now entered in 2019 and 2019 girls can be simply friends with anyone they want. And for those who think that a girl and a boy can never be just friends are the ones guilty of having inappropriate thoughts.  Maybe this discomfort and insecurity reflect more on them and their intentions. Something to think about.

1. Girls having guy friends usually get a bad rap:

 2. There are a ton of reasons why men make better friends than women:

Source – Twitter

3. Foremost reason being is that they always look out for you:

4. In the same way you look out for them:

5.  As long as boundaries are respected, a loving relationship could be there in friends as well.

Source – Twitter

6.  Guys are a great late-night fast food Partners:

7. Imagine figuring out where to go without spending hours:

8.  The sad thing is that the girls call girls with guy friends inappropriate names:

9. But these are the ones with the inappropriate thoughts:

10. And the guys who fall in this category reflect worse on themselves than anyone else:

11. In fact, having female friends can be a benefit for young men:

Source – Twitter

12. Because assuming the relationship necessary has to be s**ual is a toxic way of thinking:

Source – Twitter

13. Besides, not all girlfriends are good, some have traumatic experiences as well:

14. Regardless of gender, what really matter is the quality of friendship:

15. After all the queen herself says so:

Source – Pleated Jeans

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Written by Anu Bansal