14 Years Old Girl with Down’s Syndrome is Shining Bright in The World of Fashion

Children with special needs are born with special talents too. A teenager with Down’s syndrome has proved that a person’s will power is bigger than any disability one is born with.

Georgia Traebert, from Minnesota, was born with heart disease and Down’s syndrome.But that did not keep her or her mother Rubia from dreaming big. Thanks to their perseverance, the world of fashion has got a new icon.

The fourteen-year-old has already achieved what people could not achieve after years of hard work. She has modeled for numerous brands in her home country, Brazil. Currently, she has more than 63000 followers on Instagram and has been signed by five different agencies.

When the diagnosis about Georgia’s health became apparent, Rubia quit her job to look after her daughter full-time. She shares how this diagnosis came as a sudden shock to her.

“During my pregnancy with Georgia, all my pre-natal exams were showing up ok, and we didn’t have a clue she would be a child with Down’s syndrome,” she said.

“Naturally, at first it was a shock for us, but since the very first moment she was born she was received with a lot of love.”

“Of course, the news took us by surprise. I confess that at the time I was filled with a mixture of sadness and insecurity.”

At the tender age of five years, Georgia had to undergo heart surgery. Now she is said to be completely cured. The struggle was not over yet, it had just started.

With Rubia constantly trying to make her daughter fit in, growing up was challenging for Georgia.

 “Georgia had to change schools a lot, I think that was the most difficult part of our life.

“I’ve always tried to really stimulate Georgia at home. I played, I sang, I danced with her – the stimulation was done daily at home by myself.”

“I quit my career to dedicate myself entirely to her and it worked, as you can see.”

Georgia got her first social media limelight when her mom, posted a picture of her on Facebook. The photo was appreciated by people and it got more than 1000 likes.

Rubia uploaded a few more photos as Georgia gained popularity. The idea was to inspire children with Down’s syndrome. Soon, Georgia was approached by many modeling agencies.

“It all started as a joke; I posted a picture of her on Facebook and it was a hit straight away. The idea was to see how much it can inspire other Down’s syndrome children,” Rubia said.

“Today she is listed in five modeling agencies but what really worked was [her] Instagram and Facebook [profiles]. That’s where she became known worldwide.”

“Now jobs have started to appear; she has just made a commercial for a famous brand here in Brazil and also modeled for one of the biggest jewelry designers in Brazil.”

Georgia is an inspiration for all of us! Share the article with your friends and let them get inspired too.


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Written by Shashank